About Me


About Me


Hello my name is David and I am from South Wales

I am a Marine Biologist, diving Instructor and underwater photographer.

Below is my CV

David G Thompson MSc.

Date of Birth:

28 February 1962









2003 - 2004

MSc Marine Environmental Protection, School of Ocean Sciences Menai Bridge, University of Wales Bangor

I have a Masters degree in Marine Environmental Protection. The degree covered, Coastal & Open Ocean Marine Biological Surveys. Environmental Impact Assessments. Marine Law, Conservation & Pollution. Fisheries, Coastal Physical Processes & Remote Sensing. The course also included a substantial component of advanced statistics and the use of computers, as well as laboratory and fieldwork experience.

For my thesis I studied the impact of live-a-board divers on coral reefs of the southern Red Sea.

2000 - 2003

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, University of Portsmouth 2:1

The degree covers both fundamental ecology, with a broad span from evolutionary aspects to the structure and function of populations and communities and its applications to conservation and environmental, and marine biology. The course includes a substantial component of statistics and the use of computers, as well as laboratory and fieldwork experience.

My final year research project was, “Categorisation of the behavioural patterns of four species of the Chromodoris nudibranch”, which was done on the Coral Reefs in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Sulawesi, and received the “Barber Bequest prize” for the best final year project which was an outstanding piece of biology work in the field.

1999 - 2000

Chichester Technical College


Foundation year

Biology (73%), Chemistry (62%).

1979 - 1981

Carmarthen Technical College


City and Guilds Catering

7051, 7052, 7061, 7062 and 707

1973 - 1978

Llandovery County High School



CSE's (1978)

English (2) Geography (3) General science (2) History (3) Arithmetic (1) Mathematics (2) French (5) Craft and Design – Wood (4)

PADI Instructor ratings: 911560

OWSI 16.7.95, MFAI 18.7.95, EFRI 18.01.03, MSDT 17.6.96, IDCS 28.11.96, MI 01.12.97

Speciality Instructor ratings:

Nudibranch (Distinctive), Night, UW Naturalist, Wreck, Oxygen 1st Aid (Distinctive), Deep, Equipment Spec, Photographer, Nitrox, Shark (Distinctive), DPV diver, Dry suit, UW Navigator, Rebreather Dolphin/Atlantis (Padi), Gas Blender. Coral Reef, Digital Underwater Photographer, Whale Shark Awareness.

SDI/TDI Instructor: 11757 OWSI SDI and TDI nitrox instructor

SDI specialty instructor: Computer Nitrox, DPV, Dry suit, Night-Limited viz, Research, Search and Recovery, Marine EcoSystem Awareness, Underwater Digital Photography, CPROX1st AED, Wreck, Solo Diving,

Non Instructor (dive related) qualifications:

RYA level 2 power boat handler, RYA basic sailing certificate

Advanced Nitrox diver IANTD

Certified students to date:

800+, from Bubble Maker to DM

Number of dives to date:

approx. 7,500. From German lakes (and under ice) to Tropical seas



March 2007

Top Trumps Sharks

An educational book about sharks for children 10+


July 1981 – June 1983

Chef, in various hotels in England.

Working as a chef in hotels and a hospital on seasonal contracts. Working my way up the ladder to second head chef, my duties included organisation of staff in the absence of the head chef and the ordering of supplies to maintain a functional supply of healthy meals 24 hrs a day.

June 1983 – September 1985

Chef/waiter in Italy.
Involved seasonal contracts in restaurants in Italy. The summers were spent on the Island of Elba as a chef in an Italian speciality restaurant; my duties were the complete running of the kitchen. The winters were spent in a ski resort as a waiter; my responsibilities included cleaning the service area and the organising of theme evenings for tourists and the general running and billing systems of the restaurant.

1985 - 1995

Chef/waiter/page in various hotels and a casino in Germany.
Working as a chef in Hotels on seasonal contracts later switching to the duty of restaurant manager in the same hotel chain. In 1990 I moved to a casino in southern Germany as a page, where my duties were to generally maintain supplies of “chips” to the roulette tables, serve snacks and drinks to customers, but also to act as security in the cases of disturbances and fraud.

1995 - 2003

Diving instructor in Egypt/Malta/Maldives and England.

This work entailed the organisation of classes and the teaching of all levels of dive skills. I also was involved in the running of the daily boats and the guiding of qualified divers on both daily trips and live-a-boards (for 1-2 weeks). During my degree I kept my hand in by helping a local dive centre with courses and equipment sales during the summer and weekends.

1999 - 2003

Customer advisor for an electricity supplier.

During my degree I worked for a local electricity supplier in their call centre. The job involved the entering of data into the customer database for the correct billing of the accounts and also the advising of customers as to how best to pay their bills. I also was trained in the emergency centre to take calls from customers off supply and the co-ordination of engineers to solve the problem.

July 2002-September 2002

During the summer I was involved in the project Wallacea on the island of Hoga in the Wakatobi National park in S.E. Sulawesi. I was able to do my final year project studying the behaviour of nudibranchs on the reefs, as well as helping with other ongoing project. One of which was the study of crinoid behaviour and the other was the study of brittle-star behaviour. All three projects involved the collecting of data and the entering of this data into statistical software. Most data was collected in-situ using scuba. and then studied in the laboratory.

June 2004-December 2004 In order to collect data for my Masters Thesis I worked as a guide on live-a-board ships in the southern Red Sea Egypt. The project looked at the impact/damage caused by SCUBA divers to the coral reefs.
March 2005 – November 2005 I was working as an Instructor on the island of Gozo (Malta). Teaching SCUBA courses from entry level to Dive Master. I was also conducting guided dives to all of the local dive sites. I was also responsible for the blending of Nitrox tanks and the servicing of SCUBA equipment.
December 2005 – November 2006


I  worked as a scientific and technical assistant for the Foundation Huinay, in the Chilean Patagonian fjords. My job was to help visiting scientists with their projects, accompany them on dives, drive the dive boats, logistical support before, during and after their visits, maintain and repair diving equipment, enter data into the scientific data bank, purchase lab equipment and scientific materials, fill tanks, construct equipment for scientific projects and many other tasks to ensure the success of the projects.
February 2007-May 2007 I worked in Malaysia on the Perhentian Islands as an Instructor, conducting courses from Bubble maker to Dive Master.
May 2007- 31st December 2008 On the 16th of May I started work as an Instructor with Centro de Buceo Atlantica on Lanzarote, Canary Isles. During the months of February and November 2008 I ran the dive centre as base leader, during the month of November 2008 I was completely alone in the dive centre. I was also responsible for the maintenance of our 2 ribs, compressor and dive equipment.
1st March 2009 - 30th April 2010 I was working in the dive centre Lanzarote Ocean's Divers in Matagorda, Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote as dive centre manager. I basically ran the place as the owner had a newly born child and didn't do much in the centre. Due to bad financial management on behalf of the owner he could no longer pay me so I left.
July 2010 to May 2011 I was working for Calipso dive centre in Costa Teguise Lanzarote.
July 2011 I am working for La Santa Diving



Clean car and motorbike licence


Fluent in English, German, Italian and Spanish and conversational knowledge of French and Arabic (Egyptian)


General experience of word processing, spreadsheets and data handling packages (Microsoft Office ), also the statistical packages Minitab 13 and Primer 5




I try to take as many photos as possible both above and below water and many of my photos have been sold at high prices. One of my photos won 1st prize in a Spanish national photo contest, see www.abajoelagua.com 


Keen off-roader (both motorbike and 4wd). In 1990 and 1991 I organised 2 trips through North Africa, the second of which went from Tunis to Lomé and back, which involved coordination of several motorbikes and 2 support vehicles, the obtaining of visas and the necessary documents for entry into several different African countries, as well as the general logistics for food and fuel.

I also play squash and pool. I am a keen swimmer, skier and snorkler.

 REFEREES (references are in PDF format)

Academic 1
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Academic 2

Dr R Fletcher

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Work 1

Mr T Dobinson

Wittering Divers

12 Oakfield Road

East Wittering

W. Sussex PO20 8RP



Work 2

St Andrews Divers Cove

St Simon Str. Xlendi, VCT115

Gozo Malta

00356 21551301



Work 3

Wilfried Hoffmann

Deep-Blue Cruises





Work 4

Fundacion Huinay Chile



Work 5

Watercolours Malaysia




Herr W Schleicher (Lawyer)






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